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Rhino Deck
$199.95 inc. GST

Product description

    Suitable for :              Whitewater    Sea Kayaking    Polo    Multisport.


Because we want your spraydeck to fit perfectly, we treat all orders as Custom orders. .

Remember - A Custom made Spraydecks doesn't cost more - but it may take a little longer.

Standard sizes are usually stocked and can be dispatched immediately 

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Small diamond closeupDeck Section : 3.5mm double-lined neoprene with Tough Weave texture on top.  Superb strength and durability.





Seam tapeBody Tube :  Soft and supple. We use 3.5mm double-lined neoprene, for comfort and flexibility. Seams are glued, sewn and hot tape sealed. The top edge is elastic bound for long life and a top quality finish. All our Neoprene body tubes are available in Low cut and High Cut.                                        

Shock cordShock cord :  We have this manufactured to our specifications in New Zealand. Tough 10mm shock cord for plastic boats, 8mm for fibreglass boats. Fitted with a double sewn front grab loop for security. A second, side grab tag is now standard for all Rhino Decks. It provides a second means of releasing the spraydeck.


 Rim detailRhino Print: 3 layers of tough plastisol coating on the outside for wear and impact protection                


Underside Rhino2 layers of super-grippy black plastisol coating on the underside to prevent premature releases.




Rhino decks are now available to fit Barracuda Kayaks.20160108 133911 2 1024x582 


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