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Paddle Shorts Men's Cut
$102.95 inc. GST

Product description

Paddle Shorts Men's Cut


Cut to stay up when sitting down.  Neoprene construction for added buoyancy.  Designed for men's comfort.


These shorts are made from tough 3.5mm neoprene on the back, and 2mm on the front. The panel down the sides has a metallic smooth skin finish to make this a really eye catching pair of shorts!  

  • Thinner front – for greater flexibility and comfort.
  • Thicker back for extra padding.
  • High cut back for protection from seat rubbing.
  • No waistbands to cause discomfort.
  • Cut with gusset.
  • Flat seams – to avoid rubbing and chafing.
  • Factory hot tape sealed seams for added strength.


Fabric: 3.5/2mm neoprene.

Colour: Black/Metallic Blue.


"I have been wearing Rasdex neoprene shorts for over 4 years now in my surfski. Its great to have clothing I can depend on and after withstanding more than 1000 hours of paddling these are the definition of dependable. Comfortable, strong, Awesome!"

Trevor Voyce, March 2015