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Adventure Semi Dry Cag
$254.95 inc. GST

Product description

Adventure Semi Dry Cag


No frills entry level Semi Dry Cag.


Product Description

Suitable for all styles of paddling, for a warm dry day out.

  • Robust 4oz woven fabric, waterproof and breathable inner coating.
  • Folded neoprene cone neck – a redesigned neck using soft, supple 1.5mm neoprene for a non-restricting seal that avoids any weak points or ragged edges. 
  • Latex neck cone
  • Latex wrists with covers – includes a drainage eyelet to stop water building up between the layers.
  • Neoprene waist – a deep band for a good comfortable single seal.
  • Performance cut – arms cut with a single long underarm panel to give you the maximum range of movement without the waistband pulling upwards.
  • Factory hot tape sealed seams.


Colour: Blue/Black