The Rasdex Classic River race


We are proud to be the major sponsor of this iconic kayak race series.

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Races 1-3 are a brilliant build up to get you out on the Waimak and get your ready for the Main Event of the Rasdex Classic River Race Series. They will depart from Woodstock, finishing up at the Gorge Bridge.   If you do these three races the final stretch on 11th December will be a known part of the river, which is not a bad thing when you've just exerted all that energy getting through the Gorge.

The Main Event follows the same course as the iconic Kathmandu Coast to Coast.  This race gives you the opportunity to race the Waimakariri between Mount White Bridge and Waimak Gorge Bridge under race conditions.   We look forward to you joining us to celebrate this brilliant race that is much anticipated by the kayaking community and particularly for those preparing for Coast to Coast in February.2014 12 14 09.24.07 900x430